Esther Clarkson

I have been taking pictures for over 30 years.  I love the impact and importance  that they have and the way that they influence our memories.  I have thousands of photographs which I regularly revisit both on my own and with friends to spark memories of great times with family, friends and all the special people that we have met.

I have lived in Berkshire for over 25 years and love it’s mix of busyness and tranquillity.  I have a dog with whom I walk around the many woods, rivers and fields which lie just outside the towns and villages.  It is an interesting and fascinating place to live and a great place to take pictures.

Finally, I will also mention how much I like meeting and working with exciting people.  We all have tales to tell, and lives to live.  As your wedding photographer, I will actively contribute to enabling you to enjoy your special day and make it as beautiful, meaningful, and fulfilling at you want it to be.